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Web Summit’17 here we go again…

Once again Web Summit is here, and a busy week is ahead for everyone in Lisbon.

One of the things I’ve learned from last year running around is that you have to choose very carefully the talks you wanna watch, you loose to much time changing from one stage to another and mostly you loose the opportunity to engage in networking and see the cool stuff on the venue

I’m going to Web Summit to open my mind to new ways of thinking and to learn and another conclusion from last year is that most of the talks with more than two speakers, usually don’t come up with a conclusion or even something to think about it.

So first thing i’ve done was to prioritize the Keynote speaker talks and interviews then instead of preparing a perfectly timely synchronized agenda (It wouldn’t work) I selected the one’s that I will definitely not miss.

Day 0 – Nov 6

Is kick off day, so lets hear some state of the world talks and move on to the Night Summit

  • The challenges and opportunities facing the world

19:40 – Centre Stage – António Guterres – Secretary-General, United Nations

  • Portugal and the world

19:55 – Centre Stage – António Costa – Prime Minister, Government of Portugal

Day 1 – Nov 7

Now it became serious, let’s start the real summit (like it will end) thinking about our planet and then marketing all the way.

  • Hacking the Future of our planet

10.30 – Planet:Tech – Robert Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist @ Microsoft

  • So you think you’re funny?

11:00 – Creatiff – David Schneider, Co-Founder & Creative Director @ That Lot

  • Marketing in a mobile first world

14:45 – PandaConf – Ron Amram, Global head of Digital and Media @ Heineken

  • As advertising embraces content marketing, who’ll take care of brands?

15:20 – PandaConf – Susan Credle, Global Chief Creative Officer @ FCB Global

Day 2 – Nov 8

The least busy day, let’s save some time to meet cool startups and meet the president of the company I work for, should I ask him a Selfie?

  • Reporting truth in the Chaos

11:45 – Content Makers – Meredith Artley, Editor-In- Chief @ CNN Digital

  • The Secrets Behind the Lego brand

12:10 – Panda Conf – Lars Silberbauer, Global Director of Social Media @ Lego

  • The Cybersecurity Challenge: Our Need to Protect The World

15:10 – Center Stage – Brad Smith, President @ Microsoft

Day 3 – Nov 9

The last and more interesting day for digital media enthusiasts as arrived with some cool state of the business talks, leaps into the future and the biggest hyped presentation from Al Gore to close the summit.

  • What I Know about you and Media

11:25 – Content Makers – Mike McCue, Co-Founder @ Flipboard

  • Storytelling and Technology

14:20 – Center Stage – Neville Spiteri, Co Founder & CEO @ Wevr & Andrew Jones, VR Director @ Wevr

  • From Mad Men to Math Men

14:40 – Center Stage – Alexander Nix, CEO @ Cambridge Analytica & Matthew Freud, Founder & Chairman @ Freuds

  • The State of the Web

15:20 – Future Societies – Mitchell Baker, Executive Chairwoman @ Mozilla & Eric Schurenberg, President & Edito-in-chief @ Inc. Magazine

  • The Innovation Community’s role in solving the climate crisis.

16:30 – Center Stage – Al Gore (if I have to present Al Gore, you’re in the wrong planet)


If you want to know more about the Web Summit I will be sharing a little bit of my experience on this days through my own accounts on Twitter and Instagram (see the Stories), so feel free to follow me there.

What are the talks you really don’t want to miss?

Make your suggestions and let’s meet there!

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