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A problem on Tech startups

Startups are all about solving problems, that’s the magic of entrepreneurship, but not all problems are knowned and most of the unknown will appear on the first testing experience…

I attended the #Ptech16 conference on the subject of emerging technologies and opportunities for the industries, and i had the pleasure to hear about some emerging portuguese tech startups.

On the debate session an important question came out.

What’s the biggest problem for tech startups?

Probably you are thinking in a lot of possibilities like, funding, taxes, talent, the technology itself… you are not wrong, those were most of the problems that were talked, but also they are expected, academically discussed and tech startupper’s are well aware of them.

In the middle of the discussion a problem common to all, has been shared…


A thing about tech startups is that they are all about the product, the development, the technological problem solving, has they have to be, but that’s not all, they miss the creatives, the marketing, the story behind the company and the product that complete the fundamental objective of business.

After all, development of a product is not an activity only done for the challenge, the product has to be sold, and a great product without a great marketing is a completely wasted opportunity.

A product needs to hug the client…

..And clients have to hug the product back, that’s how you reach the success in selling, building a brand, a relation, trust, expectation, love and in the end you will have a community.

Great communities are built around stories.

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel and even Fast & Furious fans have one thing in common, they are so eager to see the developments of the story, they built a community around it.

Apple fans buy the company products with their eyes closed, they believe in story of the company, they know upper hand that the product will be great, they are also expecting to be surprised, and they usually do.

All great lasting products have that same thing in common… they built a story, and they became part of it.

So, how are you telling your story?

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