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Made By Google – Oct. 4th

If you didn’t catch the Made By Google event here is a quick recap with the help of Social Media.

It all began with Silicon Valley..



Sundar Pichai took the stage

Sundar Pichai On Stage at #MadeByGoogle


Google Assistant


Pixel Phone

Is that True Emma?

Daydream view


Because “Things you wear don’t come in one color” Daydream View will be available in 3 colours



The Question is, will you be able to change Daydream to match the color you will be wearing?

Guess not!

Anyway, you will have nice VR things to explore, like…

Google WIFI

Chromecast Ultra

Google Home

With a lot of colors for you to choose from.

I will want a Metal Carbon, and you?

Made by Google, lets Recap …

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