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Instagram will finally have a multiple account switcher

Instagram continues his quest to improve it’s value for companies and marketeers.

For years community managers had asked for one feature, the ability of beeing able to switch between accounts without having to log out and log back in.

Rolling out this week, the new version of Instagram 7.15 for iOS and Android, available in the App Store and the Google Play Store will permit you to add up to 5 accounts and quickly switch between them.

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Instagram was launched in 2010 and it’s one of the most used Social Media mobile platforms, the simply magic of it, is the simplicity to share images and find great picture through hashtags, the success was so exponencial that less than two years later, facebook bought the platform for an astonishing 1 Billion Dollars.

In Portugal, it was the social media that had the biggest growth in 2015, and is listed has one of the trends that will continue to grow in 2016

Facebook is trying to monitize the platform and has already introduced ads on Instagram trough Facebook Ads and Power Editor applications, after the 7.5 version we will be able to change between accounts, simplifying the way to manage more than one account.

Instagram for Business, is starting to be a reality and we can expect a lot of new features rolling out in the next months.

Are you prepared?



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