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Finding and embracing costumer on B2B Market

Originally published, in Portuguese as a guest at on June 9, 2018.


The emergence of social networks allowed the opening of a new channel of proximity to the customer.

The democratization they have brought to the Internet allows all businesses, regardless of their size, to enjoy mechanisms to amplify their communication without the need for large marketing budgets.

Today it is difficult to imagine that a successful company is not represented in social networks, but the organic reach of corporate pages has been decreasing, both by the interest of the networks themselves and by customers tired of corporate content.

Leveraging social networks to find the right customers, build trusted relationships, and ultimately achieve sales goals is one of the best ways to take advantage of this phenomenon. Building and maintaining relationships is easier within social networks, and social selling allows for higher-quality lead generation and more effective prospecting.

Linkedin data show that companies that bet on the practice of Social Selling of their employees can increase their sales 10 to 15%.

The Sales Navigator solution, Linkedin, allows you to unlock various features such as advanced search filters, provides a greater number of InMails and enables the creation of Pointdrive’s.

A professional with a Sales Navigator license has a powerful tool to find the key business decision makers in each organization, follow them, track their top of mind affairs, contact them directly, comply with RGPD standards and even a premium medium to make their content available.

It is important to note that: Companies do not make social selling, but rather their professionals. In counter-cycle, a professional who constantly shares company information without any added value, is not a social seller, on the contrary is being a social spammer, affecting his own image as a person and as a professional as well as that of the company itself .

The role of organizations is to provide adequate training so that their professionals are present in social networks in a proactive and authentic way. Tools such as Elevate or Sociabble allow the centralized creation of content preparation and optimization so that its use is practical and simple. However, the contents are always customizable by the user, seeking to achieve greater authenticity of the publications.

“The main business assets are people,” the phrase never made as much sense as now, in B2B Digital Marketing these are the true ambassadors of the company and the most effective way to reach and retain the customer.


João Silva works the Digital Marketing in B2B segment for Microsoft Portugal, he’s an enthusiast of social networks as a vehicle for bringing organizations closer to their customers and has in his functions a great focus on evangelizing  Social Selling in the Portuguese organization.

Originally published, in Portuguese as a guest at on June 9, 2018.


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