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7 Trends of the Digital in Portugal for 2016

The first month of 2016 is already finished and with it many of the Digital trends in Portugal are already starting to be proven, i choose the Seven that i believe are the most glaring and can cross all areas, over time i’m sharing, in this blog, perceptions of the digital world and how you can use them to enhance your relations and businesses, but for now i leave you with my selection…

1 – The Mobile will continue growing

Mobile joaospvz

Let’s start by the traditional, year after year the mobile is being a trend, 2016 will not be different, while before any business would need a website, today the website has to be imperatively, mobile friendly.

The proliferation of smartphones and the mobility of business, leads to an increasingly search for information on the smartphones browser, many small businesses are not fully aware of this need and are losing the primary means of access to internet of their clients,  something that will surely be changed this year.

Check Now, on your smartphone, the website of your competitors.

Where you are reading this text? Leave in the comments your answer and see on what platform other readers are reading.


2 – Snapchat will finally take off

joaospvz snapchat
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2015 have been the year of Snapchat, but the platform has not been used in Portugal has in the other countries, with a big acceptance of the teenagers it’s expected that this will be the real year of snapchat in Portugal.

Widely used by teenagers the social network has catched the attention of several brands, but with few bets so far, however at the end of 2015, the big media companies have started to use this platform, through its youth segments, the buzz generated has attracted the attention of many marketing managers throughout the country, and we expect more and more interesting campaigns will arise in Portuguese snapchats.

The Expresso, one of the traditional week journals in Portugal, has already started focusing on this mean of communication in order to capture the attention of younger readers.

2016-02-02 11.54.00

3 – WhatsApp is maintaining your international friends, without using Roaming

The joint offering of free SMS’s in the tariff of the major telecommunication carriers is a chronic obstacle to the adoption of WhatsApp in Portugal, but with the great wave of immigration of Tweenties, the necessity of communication through bordes as pushed people to find a way to low the cost of the roaming, and  WhatsApp appeared has the savior between the young.
The proliferation of smartphones and the ability to make phone calls, introduced in the application in 2015, captured the attention of more users and is seen has indispensable to entrepreneurs with a global business mind.

Some companies are already trying to use the application to communicate with their customers and using it as a customer support line, thereby allowing a reduction in the cost of calls to them an to their clients,  it is expected that this use will grow more this year in all the last few years, in Portugal.

4 – Content Marketing and the ephemeral

conteudo efemero joaospvz

More and more search engines benefit the website with fresh content, penalizing the SEO of the ones who doesn’t produce.

This is a necessity already perceived by most brand managers, and several have already implementing procedures to attack the year with relevant and recurrent generated content.

On the other hand, this new trend is transforming the content and make it increasingly ephemeral, find the balance point between the results and creating costs will be The Challenge for marketing departments in 2016.

5 – The Video will not be a Tabu anymore

The Video has been a tendency in recent years, but only for the big companies in Portugal.

The improving quality of mobile cameras and the emerge of applications such as Meerkat, Periscope and Blab has managed to capture the attention of manager to the need of creating video content that Vine, and even Youtube, had failed.

With more and more companies communicating with in-house videos globally, the national managers begin to lose their fear of using them to interact with their customers, thus creating a mean to communicate faster, more efficient and mostly with lower cost .

6- An Instagram worths more than a thousand words

Images continue to be fashion and interesting, the creation of new and complementary applications such as Boomerang and Layout raised the value proposition of Instagram, increasing the interest and time spent by users on the platform.

With the launch of ads on Instagram via Facebook Ads, a new digital channel of promotion opens up to the brands and a new bridge contact with potential customers is available.

7 – Speed of adaptation will continue to be a key factor to success.

Digital train joaospvz

To finish i leave you with the one i believe is the most important of all.

The market is changing at a hallucinating speed, remember what was the facebook just over three years, the proliferation of smartphones, simplifying communication is a challenge that is leaving the more traditional firms behind. The fast adaptability is a key skill need in the connected world of today, be open to the possibility of using new tools and means of communication with the customer, in real time, you need to be values of the company and its professionals have to be prepared for it.

In early 2015, it was not possible to make ads on Instagram, or on Twitter in Portugal, Snapchat was just another hyped app, and video was to expensive to produce, all is different now and 10 months from now more different it will be, those who are only now entering the digital world now have to rush to get a seat in the carriage and the best are no longer guaranteed ..

Are you still thinking in getting on this train or are you already catching it?

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