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Social Selling – The Next Step of Business Communication

This text was originally written in portuguese in

The process of buying and selling in the B2B market is usually a long cycle of forwards and setbacks. In order to close the business, it is necessary to create a relationship of trust with the client, to be recognized as an expert in the matter and to provide the best solution for the clients problems.

For years, the main strategies for capturing Leads (interested contacts) were through Networking and “Cold Calling”. Several companies even came to consider the number of contacts and the number of Cold Callings made by their sellers one of the most important KPIs. Fortunately, those times are already gone (or, at least, we hope so).

In a 2012 study of Baylor University, we can read that only 1% of Cold Callings actually ended up with a scheduled meeting. It is expected that the percentage today will be even lower. While Networking remains a plus, the truth is that Cold Calling has been considered counterproductive for a number of years, at least until the stage where the interested party has demonstrated its intention to know more about the product.

Following companies digital transformation, working methods and the emergence of social networks, a new “place” has been created where professionals interact, are present and willing to connect with friends and acquaintances in order to playfully discuss ideas and eventually move to business.

Social Selling emerges as a new way of networking, a way of acting that empowers the connection with potential customers in a less intrusive way. As Sérgio Tavares CEO of GoWeb defines it as a way to “sell on the digital channels where our customers are.”

Although social networking and social selling have already been a reality for many years in many markets, but many companies have not yet understood its importance and potential.

“A Professional with skills in the areas of social selling is the seller of the present”, defends Sérgio Tavares. So instead of practicing a Hard Selling where the sole purpose is to “force” a sale, a Social Seller must be a soft seller , an information facilitator who, with a great knowledge of the market is a company’s digital ambassador and presents solutions to the general problems of its contacts.

After capturing the customer’s attention, these professionals find the ideal solution for its contact, understanding their problems and introducing them to a more advanced stage in the sales cycle, leading to a more informed purchase and guaranteeing their satisfaction .

Have you already encouraged  your employees to Social Selling ?

This text was originally written in portuguese in

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